Why Food and Nutrition Security?

Food and Nutrition Security

As a society, we’ve created communities and institutions that systematically oppress certain groups of people and expect the results to be equal among them. It is time for communities to reclaim ownership and leadership for a great unraveling to reshape systems and communities to assure and protect health equity. We must speak up and act against social and political disparity and injustice, and that is the goal: to sound the alarm, disrupt and dismantle what is not working, and create and expand partnerships and resources to assure that every community can be food secure. 

A food secure community means that every household has resources afforded to them as other parts of the locality. What is good for one end of the county is good for the other end too. How food security is attained in each community may look very different and that is okay. Redesigning local food source systems has to be a tailored approach, especially to correct and right-size resources. 

Success in achieving this vision is based on five key components: 

1) Being data-informed – We ground the data in real-life context.

2) Relying on collective impact – We advocate for what works to improve outcomes. 

3) Robust community dialogue – We listen and hear what the community is saying.

4) Engaged civic leadership – We give ownership for organization and mobilization.

5) Dismantle systemic racism – We redesign our systems of food proximity, affordability, and availability that work for the community. 

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